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Mike McCoy is a novelist. His debut novel ASTEROIDS–Bridge to Nowhere, received high praise from critics and was selected as a semifinalist for the 2020 Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize with a rating of 9.5 out of 10.
Because of the research Mike conducted for the novel, he has been a frequent guest on talk radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory discussing asteroids and their risk to Earth.
Mike was an international businessman and an entrepreneur who has traveled extensively. Mike worked in the consumer electronics industry for thirty years. The company he founded, ADS Technologies, developed a variety of innovative products which were sold in retail stores in over forty countries around the world. Many innovations Mike and his company developed were “first in the world” products.
Mike is an occasional athlete known for long distance events. He completed a full Ironman Triathlon in 2006. He thought running fifty miles would be a wonderful accomplishment, so for his fiftieth birthday, he ran a double Marathon (52.4 miles). In 2018, Mike celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a six-hundred-mile bike ride from Florence, Oregon, to San Francisco, California.
Somehow, he finds time to write.

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